We distinguish two types of target audiences by PJR:

Public “actors”

The young project leaders:
These youth groups from 12 to 25 years, or out of school, from various structures (college, high school, college, young space, young workers home, association, social and cultural center, socio-educational space, medico-educational institute, disability structure, etc.). They are the main actors of PJR and are part of a partner structure having decided to participate in PJR.

Professional partner structures:
Partnerships are established with youth care centers wishing to participate in a PJR. One or more professional structure and referents will participate in the monitoring of projects by the youth of the structure. These adults are teachers, facilitators, educators, principal educational advisers … They are contacts reference coordinator association in the country.

Public “recipients”
It’s about :

  • youth sensitized by their project leaders peers in partner structures in the framework of the highlights organized by structures entitled “The days of the skirt and Respect”;
  • other professionals in the partner organization who attend the youth action project leaders.

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