The four main stages in the establishment of a PJR are:

  1. Awareness of youth issues of sexuality education
    Organize time thematic exchanges with small groups of young people involved in creating awareness materials peer, addressing the different spheres of human sexuality and social representations associated with them; these exchanges are lively time using tools made in a previous edition of PJR. This awareness has 2 sessions of 2 hours on average.
  2. Accompany reflection of young people on a chosen theme
    Resolutely focused on youth involvement, projects must be the expression of their concerns and questions.
    Allowing a group to capture a theme, and then to formulate as a message to discuss with other young people. This support requires several sessions, as well as documentaries or research with professionals specialized resources on the topic (eg family planning if we want to address the issue of contraception).
  3. Support young people in creating their supports
    Each carrier is original, both in form and in content: play, short films, photos, posters, exhibition, comics, dance, stop motion, etc.
    It is used to express the message of the young project leaders and facilitating discussions with other youth not involved in the structure PJR.
    The skills needed to create media have to be found internally or can be made available by the coordinating prevention association to the extent of these.
  4. Highlights of organization for peer education
    Preparing young people in the animation of discussions with other youth in their original structure during the day of the skirt.
    Organization of a day of the skirt in the structure.
    Organize other highlights in public places to raise awareness on a theme and develop the media created by youth.

The attached methodological guide recounts in detail the various steps and provides guidance in the establishment of a RO; he wants to be a tool for development of this system in France and Europe.
It is intended:

  • Socio-educational professionals who wish their membership structure is involved in a PJR enabling youth groups to invest in it: creation of media by youth organization of a day of the skirt in the structure for allow peer education;
  • The prevention professionals wishing to coordinate and facilitate a PJR in their region or country, inviting youth structures to participate and by offering support in this implementation;

This methodology accessible to the greatest number, however, first requires for professionals interested in the PJR to be educated or trained in sexuality education.

The attached speaker’s guide will help you understand the different themes and concepts of sexuality education as we see it in the context of this device PJR.

It is understood that this guide does not replace one led by a trainer training, but it allows a first level of awareness and will remain a useful reference later to revisit some aspects after training.

The SLA provides training in sexuality education (5 days), and our team is at your disposal to study with you this opportunity.

Discover the media created by youth in different countries

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