Spring Skirt and Respect (PJR) is a peer prevention device.  

It was created in France in 2006 by the association Liberté Couleurs (Rennes), then taken by the ALS (Lyon) in 2009 in Rhône-Alpes / Auvergne which ensures since 2013 the management and coordination in France. In 2014 ALS has implemented the opening of PJR to Europe through a partnership with the Association of Belgium Sida’sos (Brussels) and the Portuguese Association Liga Portuguesa Contra Sida (Lisbon).
The PJR is for young people aged 12 to 25 years and from different types of structures (college, high school, college, youth space, youth center workers, sorority, social and cultural centers, socio-educational space, medical institute-éducatif, disability structure, etc.). Young invested in a PJR are accompanied by professionals in the creation of awareness materials on the themes of respect and equality between girls and boys.

These young people are motivated by the desire to participate in a project of regional, national or European. Their designs are inspired from their daily experiences, and PJR allows them to share their thoughts with other youth structure which they came to express their indignation and their desire to promote awareness and changing attitudes among their peers.
The supports that approach created many themes (rumors, disrespect, abuse, verbal abuse and / or sexual, contraception, first intercourse, dress, inequalities at work, etc.) and take various forms (video, stop motion , posters, exhibitions, making printed t-shirts, slams, theater plays, etc.).
Each year, dozens of structures and hundreds of young people and participating in PJR that will allow a peer education for the benefit of thousands of young people.

Discover the media created by youth in different countries

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